Dear Friends,

My name is Taylor Reaume, founder of Stand Out Comic.

Many comedians try to go it alone with a marketing strategy.

A successful comedian marketing strategy takes focused time and energy.  You’ll need an experienced hand fine tuning your web strategy each month.

In the old days, we used to network in the coffee shops, nowadays, it’s all happening on websites and social media portals.   Smart comics are building emotional equity with their audience using the various online platforms.  

We help comedians write and publish SEO-Enhanced Press Releases announcing their upcoming shows.  Capitalizing on newsworthy opportunities is a key ingredient to the web strategy.  

If you’re seeking a great way to build traffic and boost credibility at the same time, we can help. Publishing newsworthy press releases that are tactically optimized with keyword-rich content can be a powerful strategy to expand your online presence.

Google Friendly Code is important to generate thousands of targeted visitors to your web site every month. Simple edits to your web site can generate top ranks in 3-6 months time.  Google loves to send it’s visitors to web sites that follow the Google Guidelines.

An optimized web site is promotion that doesn’t sleep. Imagine having your own marketing and promotions company working exclusively just for you! One that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days every year. That’s the benefit of SEO!

It’s great if you drive 100,000 people to your web site, NOT SO GREAT if they don’t sign up for your newsletter due to a complex maze at your site that ends at a dull off topic article. We help you kick your design from 1999, and turn your comedy web site into a GOOD MAZE that explodes your conversions, merch sales and newsletter subscribers.

90% of people visit your web site, spend a few minutes, and leave forever, never to return.  Marketing superstars understand that capturing the email means capturing a fan for life that you can market to over and over again.

Our team will help you design a “custom” quarterly newsletter which includes fresh news about your past and upcoming shows, as well as commentary on recent events, funny videos and memes.

By forming close relationships with comedians, working hard to understand the comedy niche they are targeting and how to best market their shows on the internet, Stand Out Comic helps you get the RIGHT messages, in front of the RIGHT audiences on the web. This results in significantly more show bookings and revenue increases. You should expect high quality customer support and the kind of attention you’d expect from a team member.

If time is precious, we may have some helpful ideas and working in depth with you, or with others you know, will be a privilege.

Smile, it’s contagious!

Taylor Reaume

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I’m a marketing strategist and comedy enthusiast.  Stand Out Comic helps comedians promote themselves with an advanced web strategy comprised of optimized blogs, email newsletters, SEO press releases, social media marketing and more.  For more information email me or call 800.605.4988

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